But I Want a Different Template

We provide the default template for WPMS. The default template is the only template we provide. It is ADA compliant, university guidelines driven, and holds all features that most sites will need.

With that said, if you find that you need/want a different template, you can provide me with your own template. I recommend a paid template over a free template. Please send me a link to the template before you buy it. I will need to vet the template before it can be used.

What I Look for When Searching for a Template

The template must be ADA compliant: ensures the site is accessible and usable for all students, faculty, and staff. Also referred to as ATI compliance.

How often does the author update the template? Technology changes and your template must evolve with it to maintain ADA compliance and browser support. Hackers pose an additional factor and your template needs to adapt to eliminate that thread when known vulnerabilities are discovered. Ultimately, you will be responsible for keeping the template ADA compliant.

Disclaimer: If the author stops supporting the template and ADA falls out of compliance, you will be responsible for fixing it or finding a new template.

Paid vs Free Template Sites

Most paid template sites require authors to maintain their templates and provide support. This is required for the template to remain ADA compliant as technologies change, to remove vulnerability exploits that hackers use to harm your site, and to fix general issues as browsers update. Most free template sites are “download as is” and do not provide any updates or support of any kind.

I recommend using Theme Forest. This is where I personally buy templates. They have earned my trust over the years many times over. They have amazing support and stay on their authors to keep templates up-to-date.